Sher (0livetree) wrote,

such a productive day today. i waxed and it didn't hurt as much as it used to at all. and now that i can handle the wax better, it only took me an hour to wax everything. kudos to me! =D
Tags: wax
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seriously, i give you crazy mad props for waxing yourself. i CANNOT do it. i will pay serious $$$ and get it done but i can't do it myself, haha.
for me, the hardest part is gathering enough courage to heat the wax, because the first two pulls are just like "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" lol.
Hooray for wax! :-)
word, brotha, word! =)
seriously, that's where the Arab ladies get mad props from me over all others. They wax, they thread, they suffer but look damn good in the end.
o you brave soul you! i tried waxing once, and that was the last time as well :-P
oh, i'm not brave at all LOL. it's just something that must be done ;/
ooof have u used the thread before? now THAT hurts like a bitch.

Cleaner, easier & more practical than waxing tho is the silkepil. I love this machine cuz i dont end up with a sticky microwave and bathroom, dont have to wash any strips that remind me of my werewolf origins after I'm done, and I can do it when the hair is still itty bitty & not long enough to be waxed so I can stay smooth all the time. Just something to think about :)
i only thread my people thread anywhere else???

yes, i have the silkepil--but that machine hurts like a mofo!! omg!!! i rather wax, then clean up with the silkepil, when the little ones don't want to come out.

what do you suggest?